Responsive Web Design

With over 220 million smart phone users in the United States as well as the ever increasing number of tablets, it is becoming more and more important that your website can accommodate all of these devices. Creating a website that will look good and adapt to whatever device it's viewed upon is what we mean by responsive web design. As of just last year, smartphones and tablets have overtaken web browsing traffic making it imperative that your website will keep users engaged on any device. With responsive web design, your website will provide a better user experience, generate more traffic, and ultimately bring more vehicles into your bays.

Better User Experience

As well as providing a much better user experience, another reason to have a responsive website is that it is an important search engine ranking factor. Responsive websites typically rank better than non responsive websites. I've seen many websites especially in the auto repair industry that just aren't responsive. They look great on a desktop but when you pull them up on a smartphone, the website becomes unusable. How much traffic and search engine ranking are these sites losing? I'm sure it is significant. If your customer base can't find you, they won't bring their car to your shop. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you haven't been convinced yet that you need a responsive website, here's one final reason. I recently read that upwards of 75% of Americans bring their phones with them to the bathroom. If you have a responsive website, your users will be able to continue their browsing experience while they're in the bathroom or whatever else they're doing.

At Premier Auto Web, we build websites with a responsive first design. Your website will look fantastic on any device! This will certainly increase your user base and bring more vehicles into your bays.

Our Pricing

If you're not pleased with the look and feel of your website or the amount of business you're getting from it, please take a look at what we offer. We have 3 different packages starting from $149.00 per month. We're convinced that our products and prices can't be beaten. Our results are proven, let us show you!

$99 Setup

Basic Plan

  • Custom Mobile Friendly Website
  • Up to 30 Pages of Content
  • SEO Optimized
  • Completely Personalized
  • No Contract!
$99 Setup

Advance Plan

  • Everything included in the Basic Plan - Plus
  • Blog with Integrated Videos
  • New Pages Added Monthly
  • Integrated Service Videos
  • Google & Yelp Page Creation and Optimization
$99 Setup

All in One Marketing Solution

  • Everything included in the Advance Plan - Plus
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Complete Reputation Management
  • Automated Reviews
  • Appointment and Service Reminders


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