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Oil Change

(Your Shop's Name) would like to be your regular oil change center for the (Your Shop's City). Regular oil changes are crucial to the life of your vehicle and shouldn't be neglected.

We recommend changing your vehicle's engine oil every 3 months or 3000 miles if your vehicle requires or your preference is to use conventional oil, and 5 months or 5000 miles, if your vehicle requires or requires or your preference is to use a synthetic oil. We follow the manufacturers recommendations for oil viscosity, and specifications. Our conventional oil is Valvoline, We use Mobil 1 for most domestic synthetic oil changes. We use quality Pentosin synthetic oil that meets European manufacturer's oil specifications for most European vehicles, quality Idimitsu brand synthetic oil for many import and some domestic applications, and semi-synthetic AC Delco and Motorcraft oils for our semi-synthetic oils. We have many more brands available. If you have a different preference, just let us know

Every vehicle that comes into our shop is also given a free 30 point courtesy inspection. We'll look over your vehicle's major components and advise you of any issues we find.

(Your Shop's Name) is also a complete auto repair center offering everything from state inspections to tires to even more comprehensive repairs such as engine or transmission replacement. We realize that you and your family have many choices when it comes to oil changes and other vehicle maintenance and we'll work hard to earn your trust.

Give us a call at (Your Shop's Number).

(Your Shop's Name) is conveniently located at (Your Shop's Address), which is near the intersection of (Cross Streets). Our business hours are 7:30 to 6:00 Monday through Friday and 8:00 to 1:00 on Saturday. We hope to see you soon!

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