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At (Your Shop's Name) we're proud to be your (Your Shop's City) area transmission service center. If your vehicle is experiencing shifting or transmission slipping issues, we'd like to help. Automatic transmission services are often neglected which can lead to costly repairs. Up to 90% of automatic transmission failures are the result of overheating and fluid contamination.

We offer two services which many times can be performed while you wait. A transmission flush and a transmission service. A transmission flush is a complete fluid exchange which removes 95% of the contaminated fluid. A transmission flush can extend the life of your transmission and improve your shifting quality.

We also offer a transmission service which involves removing the transmission pan, replacing the transmission filter and filling with transmission fluid. Over time, your automatic transmission filter will become clogged with debris thus limiting the movement of automatic transmission fluid. Additionally, by performing this service, a large portion of your transmission fluid will be replaced.

When you bring your vehicle in for a transmission service, a technician will take the vehicle for a road test to determine if the transmission is operating normally. He will then look it over for leaks and other issues. Your service advisor will then make recommendations for a transmission service. In our area of the country in (Your Shop's City), we can experience summers with extreme heat. This normally will add further stress to an automatic transmission thus requiring more frequent servicing.   At our auto repair shop in (Your Shop's City), we’re happy to discuss with our customers the different options for servicing your automatic transmission. 

There are times that the transmission is beyond the point of recovery from a transmission flush or filter replacement.  Once the vehicle experiences symptoms such as no longer shifting into gear, a large amount of fluid leaking out or strong vibrations coming from the transmission, it is beyond what can be fixed with a simple service. Once that happens, the best course of action is to have your transmission either rebuilt or replaced.  At (Your Shop's Name), we offer some of the best pricing you'll find along with outstanding quality as well as a 3 year 100,000 warranty in most cases. A service advisor will be happy go over your options to have your transmission rebuilt. It usually takes a couple of days for the work to be done and then you’ll be back on the road again.

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